Mount Bromo

It all started in 2010, the year I went on an exchange program in the United States for 10 months. It was senior year as I followed classes at a high school in Montana. I lived with a host family, joined the cross country team, went to my first football game… I had already travelled quite a lot with my parents before but that was the first time that I got to experience a culture from the inside. I immersed myself in the american culture and got to live as one of them for a year. I was rediscovering everything for the first time: the food, regular activities, the world… but from a different perspective. When it was time to go home, all I could think about was to find a way to go back. Or better, go somewhere else, somewhere new and start all over again. There is something quite child-like and amazing, landing in a place where you don’t know a soul, starting from zero with an open heart to new experiences.


Last year, after a series of short-term travels, I (finally) got to live abroad again. This time, I dropped my bags in Ecuador. New continent, new languages, I went to university and learned spanish on the go. Another thrilling experience. I came back a few months ago, promising to myself that this was just the beginning of my adventures abroad and committed myself to travel as much as I can.

Which brings us to today! Last summer I headed to Indonesia and travelled solo for the first time. Though I could only afford to explore for a month, it was the decisive trip that made me start this blog and publish my very first travel video on youtube!

Machu Picchu

Who am I?

My name is Céline and (as you probably guessed by now) I am a curious soul always in search of my next adventure! I like getting lost in nature as much as strolling through a busy city’s streets. I will try everything once. Photography and videography are other passions of mine. I like documenting my travels to personally be able to look back at them and to share them with others, aka you! I hope you will find some inspiration on this blog and that it will inspire you to embark on a big journey of your own!

What do I do?

I am currently pursuing a journalism degree. I guess the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” apply here! In this sense, this is also a place for me to experiment, but most of all a place where I can escape and write about things that genuinely interest me and matter to me. I care deeply about the protection of the environment and human rights so this is something I might want to share with you at some point on here as well 🙂

Finally I want this blog to be our little corner on the internet. Wanderous Heart aims to be a platform that is about sharing our stories, experiences, tips and tricks! So feel free to share in the comments whatever crosses your mind,  the crazy story that happened to you on the other side of the world or that awkward moment in the town next door!